Throwback Thursday Memories...Official Fan Club/The Ultimate Patti launched

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  1. Dennis Dennis Shook

    It's Throwback Thursday at The Ultimate Patti LaBelle as promised I hope you enjoy this! This Throwback Thursday we are going to go back to April 11, 2003, just days away from the first time I met "The Beautiful One" Ms. Patti LaBelle at Eso Won Books in Los Angeles, CA. I did not expect The Ultimate Patti LaBelle group would grow so fast, I wanted to do this for her and her fans, I remember the day I created it like it was yesterday and there is SO MUCH history, news, photos that are not on this Facebook page, reviews of past shows and it is still thriving at 11 years old and will never be taken down, I put my heart into this when I created it, totally out of love, respect and wanting Patti's fans have the most up to date, news, advance concert alerts, member participation, photos of each event she attended (if possible) and I had not even met her yet, after meeting her and my special experience that day it lit a fire in me that has brought me not only something to do THAT I LOVE, but I have met some very amazing people because of this group, that if I had not created it, would never know. And YOU know who you are, each of you, I do not have to mention names. What a wonderful feeling. If you have a Yahoo email account you can join, you have the option to get your news sent directly to your personal email inbox, but you have to log in to see the messages from 2003 to present, including the photos, etc. I want you all to know this Throwback Thursday is not about me, it was just the beginning of what has turned out to be the first part of The Ultimate Social Media pages. We are now her OFFICIAL myspace, and are growing each day right here on Facebook and Twitter. Someone as "one of a kind" like Ms. LaBelle deserves the best! We used to have a "real" website / but it became to expensive for me to pay for the hosting fees, etc. But it was really beautiful and led to the person that created it get the opportunity to totally redesign Patti's Official Website and former Official Fan Club that was managed by the very special Ginnie. I got the honor of being news coordinator. We were a team, we also had people who assisted in each area of the fan club, a very special lady named Donna would go to shows and write reviews of each show that literally made you feel like you had been there, some people are private so I don't want to name each person, but we had a special birthday coordinator, a very special lady who assisted Ginnie. When you joined you got a beautiful white folder with a welcome letter and all kinds of Patti "goodies" plus a signed photo of Patti LaBelle signed by her was just a really special time for me and I know for a lot of you, if you did not know the history of the Official Fan Club and The Ultimate Patti LaBelle now you do and your more than welcome to join the group anytime you want, but you must have a Yahoo! email address.




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