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    Have a Terrific Tuesday coming in 2015 the long awaited JAZZ ALBUM fromThe Ultimate Patti LaBelle - still unentitled Ms. Patti recently had a few words to say - Fans be patient it will be worth the wait, Ms. Patti just don't rush and put out an album until IT'S READY!

    LaBelle recently finished an album of jazz standards, which will drop in 2015. “I recorded a variety of classics, which Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra and James Moody recorded,” LaBelle said. “I had so much fun recording these wonderful songs.”

    Don’t expect LaBelle to preview anything from her forthcoming, as yet untitled release, but she is buzzing about the lyrics from the tunes gracing her next project.

    “You could listen to a song for three minutes and not be sure of the title due to the endless wordplay,” LaBelle said. “The songs were so well-crafted back in the day. These days, the words are like ‘I love you baby/I love you baby.’ And what is the song called? ‘I Love You Baby.’ There’s not much music today. Let’s be real.” #pattilabelle


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