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    The Ultimate Patti LaBelle Song Of The Week "NEW DAY" from Timeless Journey album. Here's the story about the song, the lyrics and of course a performance! "New Day" is a song recorded by Patti LaBelle on the Def Soul Classics label, in 2004, released as the first single from her album, Timeless Journey. Written for LaBelle as a comeback record for the soulful singer, who returned with her first new album of songs in four years, it was a minor charted hit for the singer, reaching number thirty-six on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and number ninety-three on the Billboard Hot 100 marking LaBelle's first appearance on the Hot 100 since 1997. An EP of dance remixes titled New Day Club Mixes, was released to support the song in dance clubs, and was remixed by a variety of dance producers such as Louis Vega, Quentin Harris, Kryia & Velez, and Darryl James. It reached number eleven on the Hot Dance Club Songs chart and was number one on the Most Played Club Songs chart.


    Seems my life is finally coming together
    Feels so good, Don't think I've ever been better
    It's clear to me
    My future will bring
    The piece I've been longing for is mine
    Forever more

    It's a New Day
    Open my eyes and my path is clearer
    New Day
    Pushing ahead till my goal is nearer
    New Day
    Spread my wings
    I'm doin things my way
    It's a New Day

    I dont know, where I should begin
    Couldnt my tell my begining, from the ends
    For every door that close, a window opens
    And round the world and back again

    It starts from within, yeah

    I'm excited for the things ahead of me
    I've decited I can make it my own
    Embrace the good and bad
    And let go of the past
    I'm loving whats inside of me

    I decided long ago
    I can make it on my own


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