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    For the past 22 years I have read many of your comments about how amazing it is to see Patti LaBelle in concert in Westbury. I read your reviews. Saw your pictures. Watched your videos. And I made a promise to myself that one day I would join in on this magical night.Tonight was that night and I must say, it was not a disappointment. But before I get to the review, I have to say thank you. Thank you to all of you who make this group what it is. You help Patti fans the world over stay in touch and in the know. You inspire us. And a special thank you Dennis, for all the work you do to provide this platform. It is tremendous work you do.

    On with the show. Will Downing opened the show and did about an hour. Afterwards there was a brief intermission and they set up for Patti. As the band came out, you could tell there were some true Patti fans. People applauded. John and some other members shook hands and took pictures with the crowd. Then the lights went down and the music came up.

    Patti started with New Attitude and looked and sounded excellent! She wore the same red top and pants we've seen before with black pumps. Patti made it through two more songs before needing to briefly sit down and rest. Even sitting, Patti couldn't help dancing and working that chair. She was back up in no time and worked the stage for the rest of the night. It was obvious that the venue was filled with Patti fanatics. A man from Sweden brought Patti some crystal, which he has apparently done several times before. A woman made a yellow and purple dress she made herself that was reminiscent of something Patti would have worn in the 80s. Patti called her onstage and had some pretty funny banter with her. I saw some familiar faces including Joey and Brenda. The audience went wild with every every song and Patti was right there with us. She danced her face off during What Can I Do For You and You Are My Destiny. She kicked her Leboutin's into the audience during If You Don't Know Me By Now (I never saw anyone collect those shoes. Someone got some very nice gifts from Patti!). She held the note in If You Asked Me To like crazy. And even did the da-da-da-da during the encore of You Are My Friend, which I hadn't heard in years before she got down on the floor and kicked off her shoes for the second time that night. I didn't get on stage for Lady Marmalade but the people who did rocked the house! Joey did an excellent cover of When You Talk About Love. Some other guy did Feels Like Another One and the band played along. The guy even did the rap part. It was terrific! Patti was on the stage a little over an hour and a half.

    The show was fantastic. Patti was phenomenal. This was so worth the trip from Texas to attend. Truly, there is no better venue for a Patti fan than Westbury. And there is no better place to share my Patti glee than right here with all of you! I promise to upload video soon. I got Stay With Me, Over the Rainbow and How Great Thou Art.

    Track List:
    New Attitude
    New Day
    If You Asked Me To
    If Only You Knew
    What Can I Do For You
    If You Don't Know Me By Now
    Love Need Want You
    Somebody Loves You Baby
    Stay With Me
    Right Kinda Lover
    How Great Thou Art
    Guitar Solo
    On My Own
    You Are My Destiny (the duet with Paul Anka. They did a great salsa mix. Patti invoked Celia Cruz, yelling Celia's classix "Azucar!" during the song and doing a bit of of Me Gusta Tu Baile)
    Lady Marmalade
    Over the Rainbow
    You Are My Friend (encore)

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