Patti's Niece Share's A Special Story With Us

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    The Ultimate Patti LaBelle wishes you a wonderful Wednesday. TODAY we a VERY SPECIAL BIT OF PATTI SHOWBIZ HISTORY, this story was used with permission. As most fans know Patti's sisters all passed away from Cancer, Ms. Patti adopted her niece Stayce Holte and William Holte, her nephew and raised them to be amazing people. Stayce used to go on the road with Ms. Patti, was her tour manager, and still resides in the Pattonium Family, this is one of her stories about being on the road and the stage with Patti. During one of Patti's Tours back in the 90's, Stayce had the brilliant idea to dress up like Patti (sometimes wearing a big wig like the one Patti was sporting on tour at the time... sometimes she'd don this really cool black hat with a very wide round (all the way around) brim. Cleverly attached to the brim was this black sheer fabric that nicely draped to the ground all around. With the bright spotlight on her as she came out singing, excited, dramatically gesturing in her signature style the crowd instantly broke out in loud applause -pandemonium in some cities. As she reached centerstage a 2nd spotlight suddenly popped on illuminating the center aisle of the audience, midway in the orchestra section. Miraculously... there stood Patti... no hat, face clearly showing. HOW COULD THAT BE?!!!! Sitting in the wings, I could clearly see the audience's confusion... for a few seconds it got quiet before the roar of the audience rocked the joint! Whatever was going on, they LOVED it.. some kind of mirror trick, magic???? No, just Stayce. Under that hat or wig was a "beat" (makeup) Stayce, wearing Patti-like shoes and gown. Having watched her perform for more than 25 years and being an actress herself (as well as a little "dramatic" otherwise), she easily mimicked Patti's gestures. The strange (kizmit) part, however, is... every single night for the entire tour, Stayce and Patti never really choreographed their moves, yet they were always in sync. Stayce's gestures always matched Patti's interpretation of the song, which was different each night. Cool huh? So... if you see this trick done in concert by anyone else going forward, just remember it was presented at the PL Show FIRST and the brainchild of STAYCE HOLTE!


    Is it Patti or Stayce?... wed.jpg
  2. Dennis Dennis Shook

    Above is William Holte, Patti Holte (LaBelle) and Stayce Holte.

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