Patti's New CD...Kem talks about working with Patti LaBelle

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  1. Dennis Dennis Shook

    “What Christmas Means,” the album first released in 2012 and this season with a few new tracks, includes KEM’s take on familiar holiday songs like “We Three Kings” and “The Christmas Song” as well as several original Christmas songs in KEM’s smooth R&B style. “Jesus” is his favorite because LaBelle and Isley are featured on the song.

    “It brought tears to my eyes when I heard its final edition. It tugs at hearts. They’re testifying,” said KEM, who has worked previously with Isley and had him in mind for this collaboration. KEM hadn’t met LaBelle personally before, but was a big fan. So what’s it like to meet other famous artists?
    “It’s strange. It’s like you know them because you know their music,” KEM said. “I definitely know more about them than they know about me because of their music and celebrity. It can be intimidating, producing, because how do you ask Patti LaBelle to sing something over again?”
    The two-time Grammy Award-winning diva LaBelle was a great first date, though, he said. She brought him fried chicken and potato salad the first day they worked together. The next day, he brought her flowers.

    KEM also recorded with LaBelle for her UPCOMING, that's right UPCOMING!, too. She’ll be coming to DPAC herself soon, for a concert Jan. 11.

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