Patti's Autobiography

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rene, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Rene New Member

    Hi I read Patti's autobiography when it was released and I personally voted this book the best autobiography I have ever read with Cissy Houston's second. I would love to see this book re-published except this time on disk being read by Patti if possible. I read Quincy Jones, well heard it at work, and he read his and it was awesome.
    Just something to think about.

  2. Dennis Dennis Shook

    Hi Rene I totally agree and not just because Patti wrote it, not only did i learn alot about Patti and her life and career, but alot of lessons people should read. I bought it when it came out and read it 2 1/2 days! I think your idea is a wonderful one! And welcome to the new forum Rene! P.S. For those who do not know the book is called DON'T BLOCK THE BLESSINGS and is available in hard/paperback.
  3. Yolanda Martin New Member

    I also read "Don't Block the Blessings," and I could hardly put it down. One of my favorite parts of this book was how she got her stage name. This IS one of the best books that I have ever read, and it reveals that this lady really is blessed in so many ways, besides her phenomenal voice. I think that she should share excerpts from her books on this site, and have them available for her fans to purchase during her concerts. I also think that "Don't Block the Blessings" WOULD be a wonderful movie!

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