Patti on influencing Destiny's Child, Beyonce and Rihanna

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  1. Dennis Dennis Shook

    *There’s no question that Patti LaBelle has influenced many singers.
    As for who she directly influenced, just ask the legendary diva herself. LaBelle reflected on her influence regarding the careers of Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child, Rihanna and Toni Braxton during an interview with
    “Beyoncé used to talk to me for advice. All these young ladies ask questions of me and I can give them the honest truth,” LaBelle shared while revealing the connection between her former group LaBelle and Bey’s Destiny Child. “[Beyoncé] said [Destiny’s Child] patterned themselves after LaBelle back in the day. I felt it was an honor for her to say that and I’ve always loved her voice and she’s just killing it all over the world, and she knows who she is.”
    In addition to Beyoncé, LaBelle recalled her first time meeting Rihanna as well as giving early career advice to Braxton.
    “It was at the Grammys or Billboard Awards, Rihanna said, ‘Miss Patti watch me. I’m singing for the first time.’ And she blew it up,” said LaBelle, who stars in the hit Broadway musical “After Midnight” til June 29.
    Regarding her legacy, the 70-year-old vocalist mentioned that she wants to be remembered as “a good thing.”
    “I want to be remembered as a decent person who cared about the world,” she said. “We’re in such a bad place in the whole wide world… the kidnappings in Africa with the girls, the killings all over the world. I really would love to be a peacemaker wherever I can be.”
  2. Dennis Dennis Shook

    I think Beyonce listened at first...then went "JayZ" on the world and forgot everything Ms. Patti told her. Rihanna...I think it went in one ear and out the other. Patti is one of the very few if the only one who has kept her wits about her and continues to rise at the age of 70 years young. They should have listened.

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