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    Singer Patti LaBelle, fresh from her Foxtrot on "Dancing with the Stars," appeared on "Empire's" finale where she debuted a new tune titled, "Who I Am."

    LaBelle played herself in hour two of the two-part season one closer, where she sang a song with Jussie Smollett's Jamal, encouraging him to fight for his father's throne as the head of "Empire."

    "The song I performed was called, 'Nothing to Lose,' and it was really saying to [Jamal], 'What do you have to lose? Go and get your Empire. It's your turn to shine,'" revealed LaBelle to showbizspy. "It's a wonderful song. I love the song and he really can sing."

    The singer recently made her debut on "Dancing with the Stars," where she danced a Foxtrot alongside partner Artem Chigvintsev to "Lady Marmalade."

    Reportedly during episode 2 of season 20, to air on Mar. 23, LaBelle will be dancing to a Salsa tune on "My Jam Monday," where the celebrities will pick a song that means something definitive to them.

    "I finally said 'yes' to something I have said 'no' to for years. I realized that I'm 70 years young and said, 'Why not say yes?' " revealed LaBelle to of her stint on the long-running reality dance show. "I just hope I can dance into viewers lives. It's not my profession, but I'm going to do it like it is.

    "I'm excited, but I'm nervous because I'm not a dancer. When I'm on stage in concert, I freelance and just go with the music and get into the spirit of the song. I'm not counting, like, 'One-two-three-four, turn.' I'm not that girl," she laughed.

    "It's been stressful on my body, especially the right ball of my foot. With the Foxtrot, you dance on the balls of your feet. This right toe is giving me fever, but I've been getting a lot of massages to keep myself right and to deal with the pain. But it's all good. No pain, no gain," smiled the Grammy-winner.

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