News Flash! Review of 2014 Patti LaBelle Platinum Tour 8.29.14 Dallas Texas/SET LIST

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    The scoop on the show last night in Dallas from a fan Kenneth that was emailed to The Ultimate Patti LaBelle set list included, it must have been an amazing concert!

    "Wanted to give you guys a quick rundown of Patti's concert tonight in Dallas.

    It was the opening night of the Bounce TV tour. Show started right on time at 7:00PM. Ruben Studdard opened the show. He did a remarkably good job. He did mostly covers of Marvin Gaye and Luther Vandross. He was done by 7:30 and I believe Patti started around 7:45.

    John Stanley got the band going while a video montage showed pics and video of Patti from birth up until present day. Just as the video ended, we all Patti hit that classic run from Feels Like Another One. She hit it perfectly and the place went crazy. We waited for her to show up on stage before realizing she was coming in from the back of the house. Patti came down the aisle wearing a gold and black top with peasant sleeves and matching pants. Her hair was in a spread ponytail on the top of her head. She looked beautiful. For the next hour, Patti moved from one song to the next easily. There were no breaks. She never had the background singers take over. She seemed in great spirits and danced all over the stage. And she did full versions of most of the songs she sang. In short, her voice was stronger than I have heard it in years.

    Sadly, on about the fourth song, a bug flew in her eye. That caused her makeup to run and she spent quite a bit of time trying to stop her eye irritation. But that did not stop her from hitting notes that shook the roof.

    On a personal note, this was my 9th Patti concert. Despite desperately to get on stage for 9 shows, Patti has never called me up. But thanks to a very nice security guard, I got to be the 4th man on stage to sing during Lady Marmalade. I got to go last and I am pretty sure I absolutely butchered it, but it was tremendous fun and an experience I will never forget.

    Anyway, Patti was in excellent form. If she maintains that for the duration of this tour, you all are in for wild ride. Still working on getting photos uploaded.

    Track List

    1. Feels Like Another One
    2. New Day
    3. If Only You Knew - near the end, Patti made the microphone as short as it would go and went into, what I can only describe as Patti Hysterics as danced and belted out some serious Patti notes. It was outstanding.
    4. Joy To Have Your Love
    5. Kiss Away the Pain
    6. Love, Need, Want You
    7. Somebody Loves You Baby
    8. Love Has Finally Come At Last - she sang it as a duet with one of her background singers.
    9. On My Own
    10. How Great Thou Art - This seemed to be impromptu. Patti told the band to play it and it looked like it caught everyone off guard for a moment. She had her guitarist play a phenomenal solo of Amazing Grace/How Great Thou Art. Then the spirit took over Patti. She only sang a few lines at the end, but she had Jesus himself running up and down the aisles.
    11. Music Is My Way of Life
    12. Lady Marmalade
    13. You Are My Friend - Patti kicked off her shoes. She didn't roll around the floor but the spirit hit her again and she was running all over that stage by the end of it.
    14. Over the Rainbow"
  2. Dennis Dennis Shook

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