NEW YORK MAGAZINE Interviews Patti LaBelle

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    New York Magazine caught up with soul diva number 1 (or 2 if you ask the Queen of Soul), Miss Patti LaBelle after her earth-shattering turn in Broadway’s After Midnight. In the profile — which you should study and learn beginning to end — LaBelle just goes about diva-ing her way around town as she is wont to do. Let’s see: we’ve got wigs for days, hot flashes, stripper poles, diamonds on diamonds on diamonds and of course some legendary shade.

    Remember that time Aretha Franklin tried to sue a fake news site for a slanderous story involving Patti chin-checking her after an altercation at the White House? While Franklin was trying to laugh all the way to the bank, LaBelle couldn’t find the toilet to give a shit.

    “I didn’t even address that because it was so stupid,” LaBelle said. “What would I look like, taking my wig off in the street fighting?”

    I don’t know, Patsy-gurl, but I’d venture about the same as you’d look throwing a bottle of water at an infant? Which is still the best thing that ever happened, btw.

    Miss Patti also has some very definite opinions on other divas young and old — below, some choice quotes from Ms. LaBelle’s New York Mag profile:

    On Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin: “She’s the queen of the world, as far as music, to me.”

    On archenemy Aretha Franklin: “Tell Aretha I’ll be praying for her…Because she needs Jesus!…I love her.”

    On Fantasia Barrino: “She’s the mini-me!…she kicks her shoes off a little too soon. In my show, I wait until the seventh song.”

    On Ariana Grande: “Oh, that girl is a little black girl in white skin! That little hussy! She sings like an old woman!”

    On Neil Patrick Harris as Hedwig: “When the Inch came on, I said, ‘Gladys [Knight], that better have been a man, right?’ She said, ‘Patti, no you didn’t!’ I didn’t realize it was a boy. I thought it was an ugly woman!”

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