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    It's TRIBUTE TUESDAY The Ultimate Patti LaBelle this week we have a special Tribute from a BRAND NEW FAN. This story was emailed to me and I get A LOT of emails - I usually do not reply and when I do, it's for something like this. Patti LaBelle you have a new young fan! Here is her story. And I do NOT KNOW this person on a personal basis, we have never met.

    "I just got into her about 2 yrs ago. Her name got on my radar back during her Eddie Murphy days. And I was aware that she had a really consistent career, but didn't realize the extent of her work until recently.

    I was going thru youtube and it kept giving me a clip of a PARODY interview. The voices got on my nerves, so I didn't listen. Then a year later I kept seeing it, so I watched. It was "Got To Be Real" by "Patti LaHell", NOT PATTI LABELLE. I wasn't that into it UNTIL THEY SHOWED THE CLIP. It was Patti LaBelle singing "Ain't No Way".

    So I went to that song and loved it! Then I started watching other concert clips. Next thing you know, Patti LaBelle had a new fan.

    It was after that, that I realized that so many of the songs I loved as a little child were LaBelle. I was shocked!! Her career was longer, and more extensive than I had ever imagined.

    She's been to Washington, D.C. twice since that and both times I've missed her. I'm hoping she'll go back to Atlantic City soon. It's only a couple of hours drive from me. According to her shows posted on youtube, she does it like no other

    So pray I get to a show. I'm not really shy, but have no idea what I would say if I ever met her... Other than, "I love your work!" I would probably tell her about how as kids, my older brother and I would sing her song, "Eyes in The Back of My Head".

    Natalie LovingLife Taylor", Washington, D.C., U.S.A


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