IF Patti's piercing voice can't break through your mental fog, you know times are rough.

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    The Ultimate Patti LaBelle Fans it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. But it's hard to get in the spirit...

    A normal day at a café Syndey, Australia ended in a 16-hour siege, with the gunman and two of his 17 hostages killed.

    Three months after 8-year-old Hiawayi Robinson of Mobile went missing, her father was arrested. Authorities said the child died while her father was sodomizing her.

    Taliban gunman laid waste to a Pakistani school, killing 141 people - most of them children.

    And unrest continues as demonstrators here in Birmingham and nationwide protest the recent deaths of unarmed black men by white police officers. Some supporters are unfairly targeting law enforcement as a whole; some critics completely write off claims of racial injustice. Both sides are too busy yelling to comprehend what the other is saying.

    They're sobering realities that Christmas' magic fail to soften. Even my favorite Christmas album Patti LaBelle's "This Christmas," has failed to shake me from my melancholy.

    And trust me, if Patti's piercing voice can't break through your mental fog, you know times are rough.

    But while sitting in I-65 rush hour traffic a couple of days ago, one of her songs finally broke through. The album's final track, "Angel Man" is a dedication to a recently deceased family member. Patti tells her hero to rest, reminding him that even in this dark time in her family's life that his good works will live on.

    Patti's right. Even when we're bombarded by heartbreaking headlines there are still good words that illuminate those dark days. It's all about


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