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    The Ultimate Patti LaBelle PLATINUM TOURS next stop will be September 5 2014 Chastain Park Amphitheatre Atlanta, Georgia! Patti is looking fabulous celebrating 70 years, over 50 of which she has become a LEGEND in music history, among her other achievements which are endless.


    The Ultimate Patti LaBelle West Coast Fans she will be playing with MAZE & RUBEN STUDDARD at The Forum 9/21/14 if you don't get enough Patti LaBelle and you can make it she is doing a SOLO concert in Saratoga, California on 9/26/14 at a very beautiful venue. It's in Northern California for people who are traveling here to see her. People fly from all over to see her at NYCB Theatre at Westbury so if you are going to be in California around then here is the information :

    TODAY :

    I am sure Ms. Patti is resting or cooking!


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