Happy 11 Years to a very special lady and person PATTI LABELLE

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  1. Dennis Dennis Shook

    Happy Friday The Ultimate Patti LaBelle today is a very special day for me and more important for all of you ELEVEN YEARS of handling almost all of Patti LaBelle's social media pages!!! And here is how it happened...Happy Friday Ultimate Patti LaBelle fans and friends today is April 11 2014, you may wonder why I am telling you this
    but I have a point to this...on April 21, 2003 I met the fabulousMs. Patti at a book signing, it was my first time meeting her
    in person and I was so excited. Also her official website at the time had not been updated in almost two years at that time
    I would not have known this event was even taking place if I was not doing the news coordinating in her official
    fan club and still feel bad for all the people who had to miss this and many events where they could have
    enjoyed Patti's special gift of love and happiness. So I decided to write her a very honest but to the point
    letter about the situation and told her she deserved better than this, at one point the person who had access to the control
    panel of the site took the site down out of anger. Ms. Patti, all giving, all loving had no website. In the letter
    I told her if she gave me the chance I would take her to places on the internet she had never been before I had a plan
    and this meant so very much to me after all the wonderful memories going to her shows reading her books
    I was determined no matter what I would do it and so on April 11 2003 I started THE ULTIMATE PATTI LABELLE
    ON YAHOO! GROUPS. It was updated daily with news, advance concert notices, photos everything Patti so the fan had to only
    go to one place or choose the inbox feature and get their news on the go.

    The group just did not have all the features I wanted Patti's page to have. I wanted more music a real
    and I was working then so I searched the web found Mega Star Media online called and the person that worked
    there and designed sites or just set you up with hosting and a control panel said I LOVE PATTI LABELLE I told them
    help me make this website so fantastic that when I send it to her office they will contact you to re do her very outdated
    website, see Patti trusts the people that "work or her" to take care of the things that are there job, she trusted them
    and they let her down. Well the site was so beautiful, it was The Ultimate Patti LaBelle The Beautiful One and it was
    awesome and she did end up getting the job to re do Patti's official site and her official fan club as well.

    We launched on a Westbury weekend in 2005, it was felt so good to know that I had something to do with
    it. I gave her a complete bio on Patti, discography, photos, everything they needed, everything Patti fans wanted
    and more.

    Well, If you know me personally I am always looking to take it to the next level. So when MYSPACE became
    available and free too with music playlists videos and more I had to make an ULTIMATE PATTI LABELLE SOCIAL
    MEDIA PART OF THE FAMILY. And well, it took off lord I felt so good and I did it from my heart there were times
    where I got very ill and I would not stop, no matter what.

    When I got too sick to work a 9 to 5 I could not afford the hosting fees, I did all my own updating for
    so I had to shut it down, it felt like I lost a friend..but we still had Yahoo ... Patti's Butterflies ... MYSPACE,
    so carry on right.

    Well FACEBOOK CAME A LONG and I don't have to tell you what I did next because you are reading it here right now.

    The day I met Patti although I was excited, I was also in a very bad depression due to having to once again
    change hiv meds and on the way on the freeway I said GOD I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE THESE PILLS ANYMORE they just make
    me sick and tired so If you want me to keep taking them give me some kind of sign.

    Well Patti invited my partner and to come back after everyone left and said we could take a few pictures.

    So we did not knowing what to expect NINA SIMONE has passed away and yes we were excited beyond words.

    She introduced us to her team that was there with her at the time, Sammy McKinney, her manager at the time, Justing her
    security, her assistant, and they were all as nice as she was.

    So I got to tell Patti what I was going through and I said I just cant keep doing this every 6 months and she
    said to me "You keep fighting and I will keep fighting and singing for you and my all my fans" and hugged me like
    a mother. We told her we were going to be at her shows in L.A. in May and well that is how it began and eleven years
    later of bringing Patti to her fans so they knew where to go to see her, where to watch her on t.v., when her new music
    was coming, and I have my own system. Her office did nor does now send me the events I have a system and have learned
    how to find events two or three months before her official facebook or website. Talk about a JOY TO HAVE YOUR LOVE.

    I wanted everyone to have that same experience or at least get to see her in concert and not find out after
    it was over or sold out.

    I have had many moments with Patti that I will treasure for he rest of my life. Met some of the best people
    I have ever met. Without knowing this "job" has kept me going, I don't know what I would do if I did not have
    this to share with everyone...I truly do not. Watch soaps? Heck to the no!

    If I have made 10 people get to a Patti show and experience the love, the church, the lady marmalade, and the only
    person that can you over the rainbow and walk out feeling like inspired.

    Patti, I am not going to forward this to your office to Zuri, I know you know how much I love you and I know
    how much you appreciate because you told me even sang it to me. They have gotten better at keeping
    her official website and facebook more up to date, but they still are a little behind, for example the new
    musical on broadway AFTER MIDNIGHT, they want her to star in it after Fantasia's run ends that is big news
    to her fans. It's not there...The Jazz cruise in October...people have to plan a year ahead to go on a cruise...and
    sometimes I'll post something and the very next day it will be the same photo and even sometimes the exact
    same quote! I used to get mad, underappreciated but Patti isn't typing her facebook page so I have to just
    keep calm and know that people know about all these wonderful things.

    May 24 Patti will be 70 years young, I will continue to do these pages as well as being the official
    moderator on her official website forum until I leave this earth to go to be with the lord, if she goes first
    these pages will stay up forever to celebrate her life, she has had a lot of pain in her early life, her parents
    dying too soon and in such an awful way, her 3 sisters GONE, what does she do, she adopts the kids and raises
    them as her own, that's Patti, those are qualities we should all inspire to have.

    I want to HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ELEVEN YEARS ULTIMATE PATTI LABELLE FANS and this is just the beginning. And never
    think for a minute that I do it for any other person but all of you and of course Ms. Patti. I was in no
    way trying to stir up anything mentioning her official site, it's the truth it happened, it's over but it is a very
    important part of the story, so please don't go there especially today. We are not promised tomorrow.

    I don't know for sure if I will see Patti again, I don't plan on leaving this earth yet, but hey, life
    is like that so I always make sure when I do see her to let her know If Only You Knew How Much I Do Love You
    and thanks for letting me have the honor and the trust you have in me, I would walk a hundred miles to get
    to you if everyone deserted you. I love you Patti LaBelle, and Peter Bukowski in heaven I kept my word
    to you this one is for you Way Up There. Dennis Shook Love Never Dies.

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