Fun Fact Friday / Patti / LaBelle Original "Lady GaGa"

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    Fun fact Friday The Ultimate Patti LaBelle "Patti & LaBelle the original Lady Gaga"In 1962, Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles made their debut performance at the famed Apollo Theater. This girl group eventually evolved into LaBelle, the force behind "Lady Marmalade." Long before Lady Gaga and Madonna came along, Patti, along with Sarah Dash and Nona Hendryx, revolutionized music with their out-of-this-world space suits and over-the-top hairdos. Now, Patti looks back at her fashion risks and the disco anthem that defined an era. They also sang songs about sexuality, political issues as Patti's friend GaGa also does, they both support the gay community and have a huge gay fan base and they also both encourage to just be yourself, black, white, gay, straight doesn't matter we all are human beings. "I love GaGa, it's wonderful to be inspired by artists like her" Patti LaBelle Wendy Williams Show and here they both are in photos and a special spur of the moment performance by them at an event in New York City.

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    As we continue we Fun Fact Friday The Ultimate Patti LaBelle & Sarah Dash and Nona Hendryx and the ladies being ahead of their time, just found this today regarding Nona's recent performance at Joe's Pub where Patti and Sarah were hoping to attend to support their sister :

    Prior to the show, there was some speculation about whether LaBelle and Dash would make an appearance at Joe’s Pub. Following “A Man in a Trench Coat”, Hendryx was handed a cell phone with LaBelle on the other line. “Hello everybody,” LaBelle said through speaker phone, apologizing for her absence. A three-minute conversation ensued before LaBelle bid adieu with the most heartfelt of compliments about her dear friend and singing sister: “To everyone listening, [Nona] is the best songwriter.”

    It was well worth revisiting from Labelle’s last Warner Bros. album, 1972’s Moon Shadow. Penned by Hendryx, the melody eases over the music like a soft breeze yet the lyrics sear the soul: “Good morning friends and relations / I know you thought you were being kind / When you locked up my mind / But instead / I only read / The truth in me.” Like many of Hendryx’s most penetrating compositions, “I Believe That I’ve Finally Made It Home” bridges the personal with the political while prompting the listener to think a little more critically about the world around them.

    This is a perfect example of the lyrics Nona wrote and what they sang about when most girl groups were singing, and this is not to be critical of anyone, "Stop In The Name Of Love" Here is a clip of Nona at Joe's Pub

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