April 20! Patti in Tyler Texas / The Cowan Center

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    We had a blast at the University of Texas at Tyler Cowan Center for the Performing Arts on April 20, 2017. I was finally on stage with Patti after 26 years! She, the band and the backup singers were amazing. She stated more than once that if she ever did another live album that the Cowan Center would be at the upper part of the list because the acoustics were amazing.

    My singing part in Lady Marmalade replaced "creole Lady Marmalade" with "Y'all know I can't sing worth a damn" and that even got a laugh out of Efrem.

    My hug from Patti was filled with love and I am so glad that I took off running to the stage the minute she said "I need four gentlemen". It was a night I will never forget!
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