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    More details on The Ultimate Patti LaBelle and her character/role on American Horror Story - Freak Show she will be appearing in four episodes :

    This year has Patti LaBelle. Tell me about her role.

    Patti LaBelle plays a friend and coworker to Franny Conroy. Patti plays someone who knows what's going on in this town and she tries to stop it. She was awesome. She hadn't really acted that much before. She's amazing. She's another person in the long lexicon of people who have been on the show that I just personally am a fan of. So I just called her and said, "I love you will you do it?" I like to do that every year. Diana Ross your call is coming is all I'm going to say!

    Does she sing?

    Oh no because it's a straight dramatic part. It's the opposite of what people expect.

    But is there singing in this?

    Yeah in a very specific way. It is a freak show. There are visual marvels. There's circus acts. There's musical acts. And Jessica's talent on the show is she's a chanteuse so she does croon a tune for her sideshow.

    And what about Gabourey Sidibe? She's Patti's daughter?

    Yes. She is somebody who has gone to New York and become a society girl and she comes back to find out why her mother is not returning her phone calls.


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