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  1. Dennis Dennis Shook

    October is just around the corner and you know you all CANNOT WAIT to see Ms. Patti in American Horror Story - Freak Show the season premiere is October 8th on FX...MS. PATTI is most likely not in the first episode, but set your DVRS just in case. When I find the episode guide will announce ahead of time when her 4 episodes air!
  2. Dennis Dennis Shook

    Get ready October 8th is the season premiere of American Horror Story - Freak Show and Ms. Patti will be in four episodes! Stay tuned for episode guide information and the first photos of Ms. Patti's character when they become available! 644,000 people follow this show on Twitter alone, they are about to be introduced to The Ultimate Patti LaBelle if they already don't know who she is, which is going to make her even bigger and better than she has ever been.


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